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Why the USA isn't #1

I'am a student from holland and I am preparing my final English presentation. I have chosen the subject ''Why isn't America the greatest country in the world''. I have chosen this subject because of the resent ''goverment shutdown'' and ,for example, I already had my opinion about the so called most democratic system in the world and the two party system.
I didn't open this topic because i have something against America, I just want to know how you 'ínsiders' in America see things (I am Dutch) and for the most i want to receive information which i can use in my presentation and I also really want to understand the American system/how things work in America, because i know things work differently in the States than in The Netherlands.
So I really want to hear about the 'Wrongs' in America.


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  • Oct 10 2013: For some people, America is the greatest country in the world because of the relative freedom. Others will come to America to setup a company because US has fairly good environment for such ventures.

    America is full of contrasts. You see how some people live and it looks like a third world country. Then you look at Google, Facebook, Amazon and see amazing technology innovation. etc.

    I think US still ranks favorable in many aspects (and can be one of many greatest countries in the world) but no so much in other (like any other country).

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