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A life saving Policy: Automatic Organ Donors

When i recently renewed my UK drivers licence, I was asked if I would also like to become an organ donor. I of course, ticked yes. It made me wonder why have I not been asked before? it was the first time I had really thought about it. I'm aware there are shortages for donors but.. why had I not been asked before?

MY IDEA: is for everyone to automatically become an organ donor unless stated otherwise in the UK and nations across the developed world.

> Parents could decide for their children untill the age of 18.
> an annual reminder could be sent out reminding people of their current status.
> we could make it extremely easy to opt out by phone, online or by post.

There would be a huge rise in organ donors as im sure that people would have had the same response as me. "Well.. i Guess id never really thought about it!"

lives would be saved. suffering would fall and i think the idea is far from unworkable!

your thoughts? many thanks - davie

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    Apr 16 2011: I think Rory Sutherland mentioned this idea in his talk. I like it.
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    Apr 17 2011: Great idea, Davie. If one person is saved by this measure, it will already be valuable.
  • Apr 16 2011: Sign me up!

    Wait, I mean... I vote yes.

    It would be more likely to pass if you have people able to opt out, maybe have a heart with a X over it on your drivers license.
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      Apr 16 2011: absolutly! it could be made so simple. it would save a huge number of lives! it confuses me why 'smart' politicians do not constantly come up with brainstorm after brainstorm with ideas such as this.
      • Apr 16 2011: What is the percentage of people who actually are not organ donors?

        What percentage of those people qualify to have their organs harvested at the time of their death?

        Subtract the percentage of those people who opt out for religious, appearance, or any other unexplained reason.

        Plus if you don't want your organs automatically donated unless you opt out, that leaves a huge fear in peoples minds that theirs might accidentally be harvest anyways. Those people make enough uproar, and possibly rightfully so, that it caused only those who have a heart on their drivers license to be donors. I don't know man.

        Congress members have aids which SHOULD act as their personal think tanks.
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          Apr 17 2011: Derek, outside U.S., like here in Brazil, the VAST majority of people aren't organ doners. In places like here, such measure would have a true impact.