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Communication is the key

I watched Kevin Breel this morning on The Today Show which brought me to Ted.com. I didn't know TED existed and I'm just beginning to learn more about it. Just wanted to shout out that I'm so thankful to be part of this website and look forward to the conversations and sharing of stories and ideas. Feeling blessed today!


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  • Oct 12 2013: hey cathy and everyone ...i joined this site today itself....can you please tell me how to explore this site in best and how to engage in convesations.
    thank you very much..:)
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      Oct 12 2013: Hi Gaurav! Welcome!

      A great way to explore the site is to watch the videos featured each morning......TED will usually post a couple of videos to the right of the featured video, which also pertain to the same subject. That way you can learn about one subject from different perspectives.

      Scrolling through the conversations will give you an idea of who TED members are. If you read through the comments in a particular conversation and someone's comment resonates with you because you think the same as them, you can click on their profile and see what their favorite talks are, this is a great way to learn of past videos that are worth watching.

      You can also search the videos........let's say you want to see if any videos by "comedians" or "landscaping design" or "greening the earth" or "art"..........you type that in the search box on top, and all the talks and conversations on that subject will come up.

      You can also search the conversations specifically on top of the avatar wall.
      Type in a subject, and you'll get all the conversations that have ever been hosted on that subject.

      Happy viewing, and don't be afraid of joining the conversations. Just click the red "reply" box next to the person's name when you want to reply directly to someone, or write your own contribution on the top empty box of the page.

      Happy reading and viewing!!!
      I'm Mary
      • Oct 13 2013: very very thank you...:)
        yes i m looking forward to keep myself engaging in conversations....:)
        if i want to join u ...then how may i suppose to do it....because when i click on your name.....i got different proflies...
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          Oct 14 2013: You are welcome.
          Ted gives us the option of having our profiles opened or closed. I chose to have it closed.
          But you are welcome to talk to me in whatever conversation you see me participating. It's a public forum, so everyone is welcome to contribute, and to reply to anyone they wish.

          Little by little you will learn about the TED members, their professions, and their field of expertise. I, for example, am in the field of education. There are many engineers, IT professionals, armchair philosophers, and coffee drinkers. :)

          It's an interesting site, and you will learn much about all kinds of subjects. So don't be shy, and feel free to take the initiative and engage others in conversations.
      • Oct 14 2013: yeah ..sure i will try ....well what kind of educationist you are.....i mean professionally...??
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          Oct 15 2013: I educate children at the primary level of schooling.
          How about you?
          What do you do?
      • Oct 16 2013: i am pursuaing engineering mechanical stream.
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          Oct 19 2013: If you type "mechanical engineering" in the search box on top to the right, a list will display of TED talks related to that subject. I think you will enjoy the selection very much.
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      Oct 19 2013: Welcome!

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