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Communication is the key

I watched Kevin Breel this morning on The Today Show which brought me to Ted.com. I didn't know TED existed and I'm just beginning to learn more about it. Just wanted to shout out that I'm so thankful to be part of this website and look forward to the conversations and sharing of stories and ideas. Feeling blessed today!


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  • Oct 18 2013: Cathy,

    Welcome I ami relatively new myself. The way I got started was looking at the conversations and talks.

    On the talks, I went to the themes and started looking at the talks in the themes I was interested in.

    On conversations, I started by looking at the topics and clicking on topics I was interested in. Then I started looking at the featured, most recent and most active.

    Looking forward to your opinions and thoughts.
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      Oct 18 2013: Wayne,
      Your story of how you became a "tedster" seems common, and your participation is appreciated:>)

      I was introduced to TED by a friend who sent me the link to the Jill Bolte Taylor talk, which was very interesting. "TED conversations" was not a feature when I connected about 4 years ago, so I participated in the comment section under a talk....then found the theme blogs, participated in a conference with "live stream", and share lots of e-mail connections with people I have connected with on another level.

      It is all fun, entertaining, educational, and I LOVE the connections with people around our world:>)

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