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Communication is the key

I watched Kevin Breel this morning on The Today Show which brought me to Ted.com. I didn't know TED existed and I'm just beginning to learn more about it. Just wanted to shout out that I'm so thankful to be part of this website and look forward to the conversations and sharing of stories and ideas. Feeling blessed today!


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    Oct 18 2013: Hi, Cathy: A few months ago, I had the same feelings you now have. And still I enjoy them (and I hope that'll never end). I am very grateful to all Ted's community members, to the unknown for me ones too, for the nice and positive reception I received from them.
    During this time I've had have had the opportunity to hear about and watch things that would otherwise not have known. It's true that sometimes I was wrong, other times my bad English sometimes not allowed to express my ideas properly. Maybe sometimes I've been misunderstood, may be.
    But, and this is the most important for me, I have always been treated with great respect, and friendship.
    So from my humble position of eternal -and not very good :)- student, newly arrived at TED, I sincerely say you're welcome and I'm sure that most who now somehow are your friends, we are pleased to meet you. Welcome Cathy.

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