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What do you think happens after physical death?

After having a parent pass, I'm so curious about the afterlife... if there is one or not.


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  • Nov 3 2013: The key word is Spirit - and it is a very misunderstood word. We hear much about the afterlife as some kind of version of our present life, where we recognize each other, wear shimmering clothes, have wings, have our pets with us, and other nonsense. At least, it is to me.

    Spirit is what we have that transcends our life. It is exercised by our mind and body, but it does not belong to them. It belongs to all who are affected by it and perpetuate it. At death, our ability to exercise it dies, too. What is left is carried in those whom we've affected - for better or worse. Their memories of our joy, our involvement, our hatred, our problems live in them after we are gone, and how they ignore, deal with, and exercise they way they have been affected with others determines their spirit.

    So, concentrate on what was good about them. Let the bad die. Good riddance to evil. If you admired something about them, do the same thing yourself. Do it better. Their spirit lives in you as you choose. If you revere their memory, tell others about them, and let their spirit affect them, too.

    If the afterlife is Spirit, where we are one with God, then we are one in spirit when we share what was given to us. The Afterlife isn't off in the ether somewhere, maybe on the other side of Jupiter - it's right here and now as we choose daily to keep their spirit alive.

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