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What do you think happens after physical death?

After having a parent pass, I'm so curious about the afterlife... if there is one or not.


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  • Nov 2 2013: First of all, my regards for your deceased parent. Coming to the topic, there are 2 possibilities for your answer, either afterlife exists, or it doesn't. I am in support of it not exisiting. My reason is as follows-:
    When man came to realise that with his intelligence, he has become the most powerful animal on the planet ane that he is at the top of every food chain, he realised that he was still unable to conquor one thing, death. Just as in the fox and grapes story if you've heard it, unable to get the grapes the fox consolidates himself by saying that the grapes are sour, similarly to consolidate himself, man made the concept of afterlife. He consolidates himself by saying that,"I cannot die. I will simply pass on into afterlife."
    Considering you, I think you will want to support afterlife because you want to meet with all those friends and families that have left you. I know. It hurts a lot. My regards again.
    Well, thats my theory. It doesn't have to be necessarily true but the topic itself is so controversial that we won't get an answer easily

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