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What do you think happens after physical death?

After having a parent pass, I'm so curious about the afterlife... if there is one or not.


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    Oct 13 2013: Hi,
    At my age, I am familiar with the loss of parents, siblings and friends. I have been considering all the claims made about what happens after life as we know it.
    There are those that say... when you're gone, you're gone. These same people have savaged religion, spiritually and faith.
    When challenged, they shrill "prove it".
    Then there are others who address this life as a journey to reach a spiritual heaven. When challenged, a number of people, who have experienced near death experiences are quite descriptive of those experiences.
    I myself had one experience in witnessing an actual passing where after the breathing ceased there was a period of time and it seemed to me that the body started to deflate... like air leaking out of balloon. The body didn't actually shrink into a crumpled pile of course, it was more like an sense that something happened.
    So, is there an afterlife.... honestly, I don't know and probably won't until it is my time to pass.
    Will I pass into a heaven of glory and joy for all eternity or will everything just go black forever.
    As a pragmatist, I will live like there is a heaven for there is nothing to loose.
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      Oct 13 2013: You look pretty young Mike....perhaps you have a long life ahead:>)
    • Timo X

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      Oct 21 2013: A pragmatist eh? Descartes tried to weigh the soul (or, more specifically, the res cogitans) by comparing the body weight of the same person when they were alive and when they had died. He concluded bodies were lighter after death. Proof that the soul has measurable weight, or proof that death affects the composition of gases in the body?

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