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Is there really a missing link?

Has the earth been visited before from higher lifeforms? If so, they surely did recon on the earth before landing. If they were here before we were and injected/altered the DNA of the then highest form on earth; are we the result of that altered DNA? Is there actually a missing link, or are we the result of genetically modified cavemen?

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    Oct 10 2013: The problem with postulating Aliens as the solution to the mystery of life is that we then have the mystery of Alien life to contend with. Was there an older race of Aliens who propagated our Aliens ?
  • Oct 10 2013: There is no real evidence to suggest extra terrestrial visitors modifying our DNA. The natural evolutionary process explains away the whole thing just fine, really.

    Evolutionary history being, well, history, the evidence is often incomplete. You only get a small piece of the puzzle here and there, which is why you'll never have the whole picture.
    But jumping from an incomplete historical record to alien visitors, Occam's razor tears that theory to shreds.
  • Keith W

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    Oct 10 2013: i doubt ancient aliens visited and mutated our genes... im not sure what missing link your talking about but when i Researched the topic there were oceans of info about potential discoveries that might end up being the missing link.. evolution is a historical science which means some info is lost or not found yet.
  • Da Way

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    Oct 9 2013: We have to be careful not to make logical leaps and assumptions. Just because something is possible doesn't mean it absolutely has to be that way. I agree there is a possibility that distant travellers may have visited earth, that doesn't mean they must have taken an interest. Even if they took an interest, it doesn't mean they must have altered DNAs. The absence or presence of a missing link is more likely due to the fact that we've only discovered a tiny percentage of our past. The answer could easily be it's missing cause we haven't found it yet.
  • Oct 19 2013: So that's what happened to the Republicans. I was wondering if they were from another planet.

    TY for the "missing link".
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    Oct 11 2013: I was listening to a talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson awhile back, and in it he made a statement (paraphrasing), "look at our DNA compared to a primate; it is over 98% identical. Yet if we look at the less than 2% that sets us apart, we find a VAST difference in all areas of existence. Example would be communication, technology, science, health, etc, etc. Imagine in all of the Universe, where there are literally billions of galaxies just like ours, and some that undoubtedly are millions, or billions of years older than ours. Is it possible, that there is life out there that we share over 98% DNA with, and they have the less than 2% that would put them in the category that we find ourselves in as being more advanced in all areas higher than the primates?"

    It really is a sobering thought that we may look like blabering idiots to a higher lifeform! What a thought to ponder.
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    Oct 10 2013: Erich von Däniken had written some books about this where he shows very convincing evidences for aliens visiting our planet long time ago. I have read 3 of his books many years ago -- Chariots of the Gods, Gods from Outer Space, Space Traces.
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      Oct 11 2013: I see him alot on Ancient Aliens. Love that show. The Pyramids are still an enigma to me. Would love to know how it was actually done.
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    Oct 10 2013: I think in this day and age most people unknowingly expect things to be found, cataloged, DNA reconstituted and rolled out at the click of a mouse, take for instance the Permian extinction event. When i had left school this was a major mystery but only recently did they solve it. It would be a very rare find to stumble across anything soon especially when we have not been on this planet long enough.

    There's nothing wrong with speculation so long as one recognizes it as speculation. "Da Way" has the right of it but in the end physical evidence is the only thing to put any argument to rest.

    Personally i think we are either an exhibit and for some clicky group that is running a very long experiment as well as a day tourist stop over, it's spec but it fits.or earth is a reserve for DNA. When you look at it the planet is one big fertilizer pit.
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      Oct 11 2013: I used to work with a guy who insisted that we were/are a science experiment. But by who?
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        Oct 12 2013: Who knows? If there is a hierarchical structure out there then God and the sons of God, The first ones in our galaxy or our super cluster, Planetary evolutionists, We could be just one part of a terraforming phase or the culmination of an outcome from slight tinkering to bring about a higher life form.of this organic platform which might eventually transfer to at first a digital intelligence or synthetic life form.

        I really can't see our bodies be able to withstand the rigors of space unless you create an exact earth type environment system with in a vehicle that can sustain us for indefinite periods of time.

        One thing most skeptics of extraterrestrial life stick to is the notion that all within our universe is subject to the speed of light, if an extraterrestrial life form shows up then this assumption must be thrown out the door or we are dealing with advanced artificial probes, A.I. sent out by other organic life elsewhere in the universe. Like our Rovers on Mars.

        One thing that gets me is the common report of skinny,hairless, colorless beings either as tall as us or smaller but never large creatures which for me brings only two conclusions, either they are A.I or there's a massive base ship or ships close to us and they have adapted themselves to completely living in space which would account for being skinny as well as a lower gravity system and possibly a minimum atmosphere.

        What should be thrown out is the hollywood idea that an extraterrestrial lifeform is out to get our resources, unfortunately if this was the case then this would have happened a long time ago or we are the resource?

        Unfortunately there is too much circumstantial evidence out there to just brush it off. There is one thing, we have currently so much space junk around our planet that it must look like we are if anything a destructive and messy creature. Feel free to pick this post apart as it is pure spec and you might find other better explanations.
        • Nov 8 2013: I don't think that the speed of light is much of a problem at all for any civilisation with a technology-span only twice ours; especially if theirs is not held back by hoarding militaries or corporations. Then there's the whole theory of extra dimensions. Maybe they're here on Earth already - hidden in an extra dimension, or it's one way to "travel faster."
          I have two questions about Einstein: If you want to figure out what energy is, why would one factor-in "the speed of light-squared"? And did Albert really ignore the entirety of electricity, which is a lot of energy, in his equation?