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What dou you think is the best and the worst thing about your country?

Like everything in life, the country we live also have good and bad things. I would like to know the country you live and what is the best and the worst thing about it. (In your opinion, of course)

Thank you :)

  • Oct 10 2013: Good question. I was actually born in Germany but lived much of my life in Australia but not recently and have been living in the UK so "my" country is not easy to define. Lets take Australia as an example. Its a great country in many ways having a low crime rate, nice friendly people, amazing weather, astonishing beaches and a great relaxed lifestyle.

    The worst aspects are also many, firstly there is little industry in Australia so not much research and development is done there which means that there are very few jobs in my area of expertise which is why i am working in the UK. The population is small, 22 million, and the country relies most heavily on its primary industries: coal, oil, uranium, iron ore, wool, beef etc. This reliance means that major companies believe they can sustain profits without needing to do any kind of research or development. Much of the country is desert or similar so everyone lives on the coast. there are two major cities: Melbourne and Sydney each of around 4.5 million so most of the population lives there. There is also a culture called in Australia "the tall poppy syndrome", this means that anyone wanting to succeed is cut down to keep them level with everyone else. This, in reality, means that none will invest in an innovation unless its already been shown to work and be successfull. So, what has happened in the past is that anyone with a good idea leaves the country to seek funding elsewhere such as Europe or the US, e.g. the black box recorder was invented by an Australian who had to leave the country to get investment. There is also a culture which focuses too much on sport so that there is a lot of funding for sport, but only the popular ones, and little else. Very little arts funding for example. Many other people also complain that Australia is too far from the major sources of action in the world e.g. the US, Europe. There is also an ozone layer hole over parts of the southern states in Australia.
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      Oct 10 2013: Who in Australia cuts people down to keep them level with everyone else? It sounds like you are saying funders of research and innovation do this? Do I understand you correctly?
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        Oct 15 2013: I understand what frank is saying I come from new Zealand which has the same syndrome. Tall poppy syndrome is just a mentality of the public in theses countries it does not stop you succeeding its more like a jealousy of you doing well from people who can understand the hard work put in to get there. When it comes to R&D These countries do very well for the number of people to R&D achieved. It just depends on what field of R&D you are into.
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          Oct 15 2013: Frank's description made it seem there was a link between "tall poppy syndrome" and R and D. My best guess as to what he meant was that those who could invest in someone's innovation prefer not to because they don't want that person to succeed. The confusing aspect of this interpretation is that investors succeed when the innovator succeeds.
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    Oct 10 2013: Good things about India
    1. Unique culture and history
    2. Democracy
    3. Unity in Diversity

    Bad Things
    1. Laws are very weak
    2. Wealth of India in the hands of very few rich people
    3. Terrorism
  • Oct 10 2013: The freedom is best, the mis-use and mis-appreciation of freedom is the worst.
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    Oct 9 2013: The best thing about my country is that people are always happy, as if in a celebratory mood. A popular musician here (Fela Kuti) calls it "Suffering and Smiling).

    The worst thing is that the nation is so much at peace with its lawlessness.

    Gotta be here to understand.
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    Oct 23 2013: I Like Everything about India, its history, its culture, its freedom, its simplicity, its innocent people etc

    What I Don't like is the Exploitation of innocent people Done by Authorities & 1% of rich selfish people.