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Open a new space for talking about the experience of dropping out University and how can it be a path.

Hi¡ I am Marcela, from Colombia, and i am currently in SF doing the uncollege gap year program and pursuit my passion of being a hackademic, self direct learner, and basically life long learner..¿ Even if its crazy i would love to offer my story and experience of dropping out University as a way of my own passion project.... So here i am happy to share it with you... Or the audience of your tedx. I am also doing a documentary in alternative education projects called eduAction and I would love to spread the word of the experience i have gain by doing it....
Best of wishes in the event

  • Oct 21 2013: Hello Marcela,

    Your topic caught my eye because I've designed my life to be exactly as you described it. I left university and taught myself the things I needed to make a living and become an active contributor to society. The limitation, however, is that one has to be naturally confident about himself and must possess an inhuman amount of perseverance in order to do well on this, as you call, "path".

    Another issue is that the world likes to talk about ideas but very few are willing to consider its possibilities - and act upon it. I've read about a few lucky individuals who have been given the opportunity to excel at what they are actually good at, outside of school, though they are more of an exception than the rule. As I said, they are the lucky ones. In a way, I am lucky too that I have some talent in creative work and was able to create value for myself that people are willing to pay for. In that way, I am able to pursue the things that are important for me - learning, creativity, and exploration.

    In my imagination, people who are genuinely serious about learning and creating things on their own should just set aside all of the concerns of the world and just start doing. After all, achievement is the real proof of anything. If you think about it, what is education if there is no purpose for it other than to make a living. Earning money is important for survival, it goes without saying, but survival is just a part of what humanity can do. Not everyone has the skill or the talent to achieve things, but this is why imagination is very important - and they don't have a curriculum for that in school.