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'Do your bit for climate change!' - Do you feel Like your wasting your time?

Climate change is widely regarded as the world's leading threat to modern mankind. We will all be aware of the changes to our environment that are and will occur as a direct result of the energy we use and lifestyles we choose.

I often find myself switching off that extra light, heading down to the recycling bins loaded with bits of everything. I find myself walking instead of driving, drinking water instead of tea and I find myself constantly wondering: Am i wasting my time?

An essay I submitted analysed the impact of the small changes one could make, as an English Brit. I found that if Britain turned off everything and stopped life as we know it.. it would account for 2% of the global CO2 levels. this is not to say Britian is not creating a lot of CO2. this is to outline that the USA and China with their entrenched fossil fuel driven worlds and their alarming populations are creating such an irreversable problem, that I feel like I'm wasting my time.

I am aware that it was Britain that kicked off the industrial revolution and has contributed greatly to this global mess. my point is, today we know what is happeneing to our world due to our behavior. I feel it is too late and fear the so called 'tipping point' was passed years before we even spoke the words climate change.


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    Apr 16 2011: In this case the most simple answer is the correct one. I don't know why everyone is so convinced global warming is our fault

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