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The concept that profits directed from oil companies do not solve problems the people make for themselves

I am a new resident of Alaska. Because of my job I have witnessed first hand how some natives treat themselves and waste the money they are given that comes from the resources of Alaska.

I work as a security guard in Fairbanks Alaska. I know about the money natives receive both from the PFD and from the payments given from the tribes themselves. Some of these natives spend the money on Alcohol or waste it in other ways.

It is a shame to see but those who think that such money can solve problems fail to take into account the fact that some will choose just to waste such resources and destroy themselves in the process.

Many natives die young because of alcohol abuse as well as other drugs.

I see it first hand and it is a sad thing to see.


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  • Oct 11 2013: I have yet to meet a native up here who didn't have at least an Auntie or an uncle around. Although I have met many aunties and uncles who are more addicted to alcohol than any of the younger ones.

    I don't get the sense that there is a lot of "abuse" in their lives. Bad examples but not a lot of abuse seem to be a big part of the problem.

    A lot of the older ones are no older than myself but look so much older. Countless times I see them drunk. Sometimes they have blood alcohol levels so high it is a miracle they do not die. Sometimes they do die.

    There is a halfway house near to Fairbanks and the prisoners there come into town on a van to work or do other things including go to counseling. Often times when they get out they get drunk and continue a self destructive lifestyle.

    It seems to me that the effect white culture has had on the native tribes here may be a substantial cause of many of the addictions the natives here have trouble escaping, never mind the cold temperatures and the natural lack of things to do besides drink. One older native told me that when he was young and living in the village he looked around and realized that there was nothing to do but drink. He told himself if he didn't get out of there he would be dead by 40. He said his friends that did not leave were in fact all dead by 40.

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