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What is the optimum population size on earth?

These are the facts & projection:
In 2011 world's population has reached 7bn people. The current growth rate is exponential with adding 1bn people plus every 10 years. The peak is projected for 2050 to reach a level of 9.5bn people on earth.

My question is what is the optimum size of population on earth (and per continent)?

Just some examples, like we all know that bar of chocolate can make you happy but 50 or 100 every day will make you fat and depressive. Or running 5 miles every day will keep you fresh and sporty, but running two marathons every day will ruin your muscles & bones. So obviously there should be always an optimum or at least an optimum range like e.g. the habitable zone in our solar-system.

Are certain areas on earth already overpopulated/underpopulated??
Awaiting your comments:)


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  • Oct 8 2013: You are talking about the optimal population size of 30 million, but we are already having 7 billion going on to 9.5 billion.
    Yes, starvation happened at least partially due to political reasons, but the same political forces also resist the measures of attempt to reduce population explosion as well . Let's look at Bangladesh and Pakistan, they have a combined population size of 340 million people which is slightly more than the whole population of the U. S. Furthermore, even if we are willing to give them enough food and a few other life necessities (which is not very likely), there are still practical difficulty to deliver smoothly to the people who are starving or hungry. For example, if we just give food to the government, probably less than half of the food would reach the hands of the hungry people. If we send our own workers or workers from the UN, it's very likely they will be harmed or killed in places like Pakistan by the militant Talibans. Or the Talibans will get most of the food anyway.
    Furthermore, the phenomenon of slow or no growth of population will occur not only having the population barely getting fed, but you have to get them well educated and having a relatively comfortable life also.
    We are talking about the population explosion here. You can see that it's not as simple as by just sharing of wealth by all the countries, which in turn is not necessarily a smooth undertaking either BECAUSE OF THE POLITICAL TURMOIL IN THE CURRENT WORLD SITUATION, OR BECAUSE OF HUMAN NATURE IN SELFISHNESS AND GREED.

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