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Who really sees all of the brilliant ideas shared here?

When someone explains how a company can benefit from being sustainable (and by benefit I don't just mean tax reductions, I mean economically set apart from competitors) does anyone from current large companies actually see the explanation? When someone proposes a new way to go about our entire school systems do any policy makers actually see the proposal?
I understand that some of us may fall in the range of "just started own business" or "manager of a large firm" or "teacher/principal" but I'd ask is your large company worldwide; would most people recognize its name? and as teachers or principals do you make the policies to influence an entire state or nation?

I fully believe that the world can change with enough people with enough passion but I am simply curious of how many people with direct control are actually influenced by the brilliant ideas brought forth at TED.

So please try and limit the discussion of how many everyday people are impacted from TED and how those people will soon be our future or how those people have the power; I fully agree.

Ultimately I understand TED has had former Presidents, Presidential candidates, people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates all as speakers; but the question is how many of their peers were in the crowd listening??


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    Oct 15 2013: I discovered TED (and Ken Robinson's talks) through a teacher from my former business school. I guess at least some of the ideas mentionned in the talks get taught to MBA students, who do have influence in large MNCs.
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      Oct 15 2013: That's nice to know......I really like your avatar......sooo nice!!
      Welcome to TED.
      I'm Mary ♥

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