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Why do you come to TED conversations?

I have a secret to confess.

I have become increasingly addicted to TED talks. And only very recently have I discovered TED conversations, it's great.

Then I started reflecting- why do I do this? To get inspiration? To express my opinions or get comfort from recognition? To help people?
I hope my true intention is to want to learn new things.

So I'm curious and want to throw the question to the floor- Why do YOU leave comments at conversations?


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      Oct 19 2013: Hey Theodor,

      I remember Tim's Conversation http://www.ted.com/conversations/3273/nothing_s_off_topic.html , Haven't been back to it since 2011 though... So I went back and skimmed through it and a lot of things are coming back to me about what actually happened with TED back then... Like Tim's Conversation gathering too many comment too quickly and TED imposing a time limit for Conversations (There used to be the open-ended option)... of course this was just an unlucky "coincidence"...

      It actually may have been me who destroyed (as I see it) TED Conversations by pushing the limits on that conversation to prove a point... I'm really sorry for that...

      When you say "Both Chris and Jimmy" which Chris do you speak of?

      And yes, we only represent a small fraction, it's so restrictive here (once you've read some thousands of conversations there's just more of the same or similar, it's like reading about atomic physics from 100 authours, you kind of get it after the fifth time and then it just gets boring) The sad part is that TED keeps loosing people like me (not that I'm all that but...) and Tim who genuinely cares (cared?) for TED and it's members...

      I miss the old TED (And I miss Tim too), or rather my hopes for what TED could be, but they've proven time and time again that innovative change is not something that they seek for the organization, simply something the help present...

      "Although, this still is considered a good place to start and to gain valuable experience." I agree...

      Edit: Some people may ask why we're so off topic on this... To quote Brené Brown "If you ask people about love they'll tell you about heartbreak."
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        Oct 19 2013: Hi Jimmy...nice to "see" you my friend:>)

        You write..."I miss the old TED (And I miss Tim too), or rather my hopes for what TED could be...".

        In my life experience, I have learned that we do not change things as much from the outside. We generally have a better chance of changing things from within...."BE" the change we want to "SEE".

        BTW, I checked out reddit.com, as you recommended, and it looks like the comments are mostly about TED!
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        Oct 19 2013: I know you have tried Jimmy! My perception of you, is that you will always continue to contribute to our world, and for that I am grateful. Congratulations on your position, and I sincerely hope everything goes well with that. I'll keep track of your progress via FB:>)

        I'm glad you visit TED once in awhile, and I thank you for the info about reddit.....I may explore it one of these days:>)
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        Oct 19 2013: It's always a pleasure to see you here.Congratulations on your role in the direct democracy party. If it is convenient to pop in now and then to share what you are working through there, I am sure people here will again be interested. Your thread in Spring on this subject drew a lot of thoughtful interest and participation, as I recall.

        There are always so many new participants here every week that even a topic that those who have been here a while have considered and discussed at length can be of great interest to newcomers.

        I have read on the reddit subthread that TED.com is putting out, at least as a test, a new version of the site in the next few months and invited people to be part of the early test. Are you participating in that? http://hello.ted.com/ and, from the get involved link http://hello.ted.com/get_invited/
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        Oct 19 2013: Jimmy, I was not aware that the ted.com "rebuild" was at this stage yet either until I followed the link to reddit that you had posted and saw the announcement from about a week ago.

        It was your coming here and sharing what you did that made it possible for me to come back with something that might interest you. If you look at the blog posts from the staff associated with planning and implementation of the rebuild, you will understand a lot of the software choices, I think, in a way that I know I cannot.

        Please stay in touch,
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        Oct 25 2013: Hi Jimmy!!

        I remember those times!
        do you remember my favorite member "the kurgan in disguise"?

        Hope you do, i have not being here for a long time, but was very glad to see Chris remembers him :)



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