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Why do you come to TED conversations?

I have a secret to confess.

I have become increasingly addicted to TED talks. And only very recently have I discovered TED conversations, it's great.

Then I started reflecting- why do I do this? To get inspiration? To express my opinions or get comfort from recognition? To help people?
I hope my true intention is to want to learn new things.

So I'm curious and want to throw the question to the floor- Why do YOU leave comments at conversations?


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  • Oct 12 2013: I enrolled on TED for various reasons . First of all , I would like to point out something about TED . In my opinion , it is the best way to learn and to enrich your brain . Here , I can expresse my thoughts , share my knowlege with people as well as learn from different opinions and I can say that it really helps me on developing my way of thinking and so on . It also increases your motivation , creativity and you you get inspiration from different speakers . That's why TED has got several positive vertues . We just need to use it inteligently and accept others' opinions .

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