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Websites with comments that allow you to order by best rated should also allow you to order by worst rated.

Good thinking is not always popular.
Ideas with the most negative reaction are as interesting as those with the most positive reaction.

Closing Statement from charlotte shoop

The objection that companies might sue, is like saying a pollster is responsible for the opinions of the electorate.
Kriztian your response was most interesting. The reddit "contraversial" option should be an alternative, but we should not replace a user's access to raw data by an unexplained concept of "contraversial" designated by a company interpreted by its programmers (wary of potential bias Google vs DuckDuckGo).
Original thinkers are often worst rated, and they don't care, and I want to seek them out by looking at the worst rated.

  • Oct 10 2013: No way this would work as the companies who are worst rated would complain and maybe sue the company who rates them even if that rating comes from somewhere else.
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    Oct 9 2013: i agree if it's a question of copyright and if always the rightness come from the wrongness.
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    Oct 9 2013: It'd be an interesting point of view, but I miss one reason for doing it so. With no reason for it, people trends to ignore worst and push forward better things.
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    Oct 7 2013: not exactly what you want, but reddit has a sort option "controversial"
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    Oct 7 2013: Do you think such a practice might discourage participation by original thinkers?