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Is Information Technology destroying jobs?

Last week in my company we have delivered system that made one of their labour hard process automatic, which resulted into people losing jobs (in the clients company)

As a dev guy I think it is great to save hard work but on the other hand I feel guilty that people are losing jobs. What do you think?


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    Oct 9 2013: Absolutely!

    It was my job to destroy jobs for many years .. I destroyed tons of jobs in my time.
    The destruction of jobs forms part of every business-case .. it increases profits and can amortise the cost of efficiency .. over 1 year preferably, but "sellable" over 3 years projected (and tracked) cash-flow advantage.

    For a long while I revelled in my success. Then I became guilty after seeing the result of it .. all the suffering ..

    And then I realised that "jobs" are rubbish in the first place - destroy them.

    People need "work" not "jobs".

    "Jobs" is a token of currency in political horse-trading - and anyone in a job .. is a horse!!

    FOrget jobs - they are just for money.

    Work is for your life - and if you don't have a life .. you will not understand what I just said. I recommend that you find out.

    But .. then you must accept that the jobless will need help to understand. And that's communism - the ultimate result of capitalism. (btw - there is another name for communism - it is democracy).
    • Oct 9 2013: Mitch,

      I agree with you about the difference between work and a job unfortunately to see that difference requires an economic foundation and living pay check to pay check

      I have had colleagues that have left the technical field to become chefs, musicians, makers of musical instruments, gardeners, etc. following what they wanted to work in - They all had the economic foundation to do support the move.
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        Oct 9 2013: Hi Wayne,

        Many thanks .. That's a very important point you raise!

        The need for investment is vital for one's work.

        To get started, this is the traditional role of the family or community.
        If initial work efforts are successful, then the work should be able to sustain itself.

        In the atomised world of money and capitalism, the investment role is expropriated by banks and venture capitalists.

        In the past, I have used scrappy jobs to raise investment seed-funds and operating-cost gaps.
        If one's work is more expansive or less monetised - such as academic or social - then jobs must be used as a vehicle - for instance having a part-time job to fund study.
        The notion of "jobs" is almost unavoidable in the current environment .. but when you focus on it, you can see that they are not nearly as essential as we assume.

        You can see that "jobs" is part of the dynamic which destroys family and community.
        It does so to the advantage of the totalitarian state or the feudal corporation - aka warlords.
        • Oct 10 2013: Thanks for your insight and agree - calling VCs sharks is insulting to sharks
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        Oct 10 2013: Hi Wayne,

        You can't blame any organism for doing exactly what it's environment asks it to be.
        A VC is doing what it must .. so long as it remains blind to what things could be as an improvement.

        I Don't see sharks as having any better foresight than VCs .. but sharks are sharks .. VCs are purported to be humans ..

        Somewhere along the line, I accepted that the only difference between humans and other Earth lifeforms is that humans can see a little bit further ahead than the rest.

        Looking at us .. that definition seems to be a very small subset ... regardless of our capacity.

        Imagine if humans actually did their ecological job?
        I.E. looking a little further ahead?

        So .. in that sense .. a VC is a shark by choice .. and that is the element that condemns them when looking ahead is what is required .. not just for humans, but sharks as well.

        The VC .. in that light .. betrays sharks.

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