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Is Information Technology destroying jobs?

Last week in my company we have delivered system that made one of their labour hard process automatic, which resulted into people losing jobs (in the clients company)

As a dev guy I think it is great to save hard work but on the other hand I feel guilty that people are losing jobs. What do you think?


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    Oct 9 2013: .

    Also, it is destroying human equality, symbiosis ... survival
    by making invalid (harmful) happiness.
    • Oct 9 2013: What do you consider invalid happiness?

      Why automation should destroy human equality and survival? It seems that machines esp. medical devices allow most people to survive longer than without?

    • Oct 9 2013: So we should just allow technology to stagnate?

      Technology is tied up to every single little detail in our lives and our standards of living as a whole. Stopping it means that our standards of living stop improving.

      Its like asking people not to make the transition to cars because the horse breeders would be out of work.

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