Yasser Wafiq

Mangagement Consultant, Team Leader, Motivator, Ass. PM for New Channels for E-Gov. services

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TEDx at Egy. Gov.

i dream to set a tedx experiance at egyptian government .. to let the public employees give us their succeses stories and also the non success stories in their life at the governmets work. This will give the motevation to work and will give a big experiance abot the administration development .. and a lot of wayes to improve the public mangment in the meddil east . Ander your supervesion and your experiance. I wana it to big project in the egyptian government . If you like the idea and we make a good predentation i an pasd it to minstry of adminstrative development and its minister .. to leaf this atittud in the MENA and arab governmets ..
Thank you