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How to get human optimal rotation period in a country to achieve sustainable performance in population growth?

How do you get to achieve a birth rate equal to the death rate in a country, given birth, mortality and migration, resulting in an optimal rotation period human?

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    Oct 27 2013: Growth in population implies poverty and poor living conditions and infrastructural deficiencies. The focus must shift from number of individuals to number of families and all policy and planning must delay the break up of family unit as is the natural result of progressive urbanization. This is purely economic because to divide a growing population by a larger unit can reduce the economic needs for development by trillions.
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    Oct 7 2013: you don't
  • Oct 7 2013: Populations tend to start regulating themselves to an extent as standards of living rise. Well off populations typically have fewer children, and the births and deaths more or less stabilize.

    This is far from an exact science, however, and alone, I doubt it'd be enough to control the earth's population. Especially considering that there is no shortage of places around the world that don't look like they'll be modernized any time soon.
    Various religious groups that advocate having as many children as possible aren't helping on this front either (I'm not disputing their right to do so, but it is going to present a long term difficulty in population management).

    Aside from letting the population more or less regulate itself through higher living standards, the only solution seems to be a system of rather draconian reproduction laws. I believe China has tried implementing something like this with mixed results, and in a democracy, it'll probably go by even less smoothly, if at all.