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Style & disability should not be mutually exclusive

If you're disabled people assume your sense of style is no longer important e.g. disability equipment designers & manufacturers think we like 'grey' and purely functional design. They also assume we have no money to pay for premium products.

Smart, trendy places assume we don't want too visit so don't pay attention to disabled access & facilities. If they have them they are rarely shown on their websites


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  • Oct 6 2013: R E A L L Y

    What of Paul the Beatle's previous wife?
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      Oct 7 2013: yes really. Have you seen any stylish disability equipment?? Re Heather Mills she has style (of a kind) but she's one out of 11.2m in the UK. We do exist but the hospitality & equipment market have not caught up with us so we have to improvise or stay at home!!

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