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Can we have God in our lives without Religon?

Beleiving in God can be a very personal thing. Beleiving in Religon becomes a group behaviour. Religons at some level always get corrupted by Greed , Power etc. Yet humans always find a need for Religon and various religons have been around for centuries. More people have died in the name of religon than any other disease.


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    Oct 10 2013: Deepak... when young, I could not make out difference between dharma and religion. Whomever I asked... was unaware of the answer! It was not dharma or religion I was after. I only wanted to reach God but was confused about following path of dharma or religion to reach God. It was only when I was about 15 years of age... I finally realized my folly! God Almighty could only be reached via path of spirituality... never religion or dharma!

    I minutely observed in the initial stages of life that most human beings world over had a tendency to pray or worship God. None wanted to reach God or know God in totality. The inherent fear of leaving family midway was concern of most. As my resolve to reach God in this very life was absolute... I successfully followed path of pure spirituality as detailed in sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism and finally reached God in the wee hours of third of August 1993 at 37 years of age.

    In my spiritual travel I slowly realized... going to temples, churches or mosques carried no meaning! God Almighty existed within us in miniscule form as our soul atman, the spirit within! If I were to reach God in this very life, I had to reach, realize my true inner self... reach my soul atman, the spirit within! I also realized the difference between religion and spirituality. Religion primarily is the path to keep flock of human beings bonded together through moral and ethical values. In absence of religion... many human beings would go haywire!

    To reach God we had to take the inner journey, the journey towards our soul atman, the spirit within! All my life I have never been to a temple, church or mosque. When I was young... I accompanied my mother to temples! But, all queries within me remained unresolved until I started travelling spiritual path. More on religion and spirituality - http://www.bhagavadgitasummary.com/Geeta-Chapter-12/Gita-Chapter-12-Verse-2.html

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