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Can we have God in our lives without Religon?

Beleiving in God can be a very personal thing. Beleiving in Religon becomes a group behaviour. Religons at some level always get corrupted by Greed , Power etc. Yet humans always find a need for Religon and various religons have been around for centuries. More people have died in the name of religon than any other disease.


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    Oct 7 2013: I think one can have either, both or none.

    There are bad god-images and beliefs that lead to horrible actions. There can be beautiful god images that make a person kind or spur him to good actions.
    There can be religions that bring people together in peace and offer rituals of belonging to a group in harmony with the other groups in the world. As there can be religions that close upon themselves and bear hatred towards the out-group and engages their fanatics to commit horrible acts.

    And people can choose to belong to a religion or not (or should be free to do so), as should people be free to believe in these things that seem fit to him/her. (though, on a personal note, I always feel double when people believe things that are known to be false, and don't recommend education towards such things. Many -if not most- god-images and beliefs about them are in this category)

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