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Can we have God in our lives without Religon?

Beleiving in God can be a very personal thing. Beleiving in Religon becomes a group behaviour. Religons at some level always get corrupted by Greed , Power etc. Yet humans always find a need for Religon and various religons have been around for centuries. More people have died in the name of religon than any other disease.


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    Oct 7 2013: God is just DOG looking in the mirror.

    Religion is 'group think' defining views differently than others, as Krishnamurti points out very clearly.

    Spirituality grows out of reverence grounded in Nature. Western Religion is rarely spiritual as it's essence is grounded in domination and control with a view that heaven is in the clouds allowing the trashing of Earth to continue unencumbered.

    God, Dog and religion will not save us, only reverence can. Although there is little evidence we are smart enough to understand the difference.

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