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what is worst thing you can to a person?

I am not talking about physically hurting a person or torturing him. or even bullying him, call him names, not those.
that legal possible, or law can not to anything about.

what is worst thing that person have done to you? how did over come it?

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    Oct 6 2013: The worst a human can do to another is to be untruthful.
    • Oct 7 2013: Edward,

      I agree with you about telling the truth (as always) but there are cases where a semi-truth or lie to save the feelings of others seems appropriate.
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        Oct 7 2013: "seems" Good way to put it! Any sign of selfishness for individual gain in there? Please provide an example where not.

        There is only one good lie, to prove a point (truth) in which the lie is very shortly lived. Setting an example with empathy in mind if nothing else is possible to get the message across. "Yes, I lied but now you have a better understanding of how I feel".
        • Oct 7 2013: The 1st thing that comes to mind is a letter to the family of a fng who panicked and was unlucky.
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        Oct 7 2013: Wayne,

        Your comment reminded me of this quote I have in my collection.....

        "True persons are those who say the truth in a time when lying is the only chance."
      • Oct 13 2013: agrees
    • Oct 13 2013: untruthful hurts, when it is aim to hurt you. lie for profit or hurt people.
      however, not all untrue is hurtful, lie to protect and help keep self confident. as wayne said

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