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what is worst thing you can to a person?

I am not talking about physically hurting a person or torturing him. or even bullying him, call him names, not those.
that legal possible, or law can not to anything about.

what is worst thing that person have done to you? how did over come it?

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    Oct 5 2013: Hello Niruparaj,
    If you have had a negative experience (whether it directly involves another person or not), the way to overcome it is to forgive that person (or event) and move on. It might take 20 seconds or it might take 20 years, but it still has to be forgiven before you are free of it and can move on.
    What do I mean by "forgive"? Ultimately it means that what we thought the other person did against us, never happened. We make up a "story" of "what happened", and because it is all our story in our own head in the first place, we have the power to choose to forgive it, and move on.
    This might not always be easy, but it is always possible.

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