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will we able to build a truly AI (artificial Intelligence) computer or robot?

we have build weak AI and are continuing to build better and better AI.
Would we be able to build Strong AI that i close to human, or beyond it capacity. current computer are good at logical and maths, graphics etc.. human use emotion, creative and are beyond AI. However will there be time in future when strong AI is beyond human in all aspect or most of it.

what are your view? do we want design such AI? will take over most of our job?
or it is not possible. human capability is unique. AI will never advance that much or lack in thinking, conscious to do so.


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    Oct 7 2013: I don't think so because computers or machines have limited capacity. The human brain has a huge capacity or ability to learn and understand. In other words, the human brain does not have limited thinking. Machines are programmed to do specific tasks and they might be able to learn by themselves, but they can't go beyond what humans programmed them. Humans act by themselves and think. The power of the human mind allows people to think, analyze, learn, understand and even deceive. Machines act or think according to what they were programmed to.

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