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will we able to build a truly AI (artificial Intelligence) computer or robot?

we have build weak AI and are continuing to build better and better AI.
Would we be able to build Strong AI that i close to human, or beyond it capacity. current computer are good at logical and maths, graphics etc.. human use emotion, creative and are beyond AI. However will there be time in future when strong AI is beyond human in all aspect or most of it.

what are your view? do we want design such AI? will take over most of our job?
or it is not possible. human capability is unique. AI will never advance that much or lack in thinking, conscious to do so.


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  • Oct 6 2013: "Expert systems" can be used to garner the knowledge and experience of experts in a restricted area of knowledge, and then the expert could be replicated in software.

    More exciting is, can do better than the best human intelligence?

    Probabilistic reasoning based on Bayesian belief networks (see Judea Pearl's book) puts machine reasoning on the sound basis of mathematical probability. With the amount of big data around I see it being mined to generate those networks from clusters in data. I can also imagine some day a machine intelligence doing its own data mining, cluster analysis, and constructing its own belief networks. Far out...

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