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Is full-time, full employment a realistic aim in Europe?

The processes of offshoring and automation seem to be consuming more and more jobs in Europe (I imagine this will soon be true of most of the world), especially in the industrial sector. I often hear that 'new types of employment will appear' but never what those jobs will be. Does anyone have any more concrete predictions?


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    Oct 6 2013: For years we had "Full Time Employment" in the USA. I was considered to be a 40 hour work week with benefits that would be defined in your contract. Along came Obamacare who redefined the work week to 30 hours and everything changed.

    If you have a defined "full employment" stop your government from interfering and be glad for the work. If you break the contract for any reason I can assure you that the path to regaining anything is long and hard. Even the unions who supported the administration are now finding out how much has been lost and the workers are not happy. This has mostly been caused by our leaders not reading and understanding a law they passed in the blind. The lack of transparency is not just isolated to the USA.

    My advice to you is to get involved .... don't drink any koolade that you have not evaluated independent of political claims.

    Don't buy into the blame game ... it is not always the other guy ... automation ... etc .... do your own thinking.

    Good luck. Bob.
    • Oct 7 2013: Thanks but I don't need good luck; I still have a job. I'm thinking about those who don't but are being forced to look for one by cuts in unemployment and punishments for long term unemployment. Is that not an unnecessary cruelty at the moment?

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