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Is full-time, full employment a realistic aim in Europe?

The processes of offshoring and automation seem to be consuming more and more jobs in Europe (I imagine this will soon be true of most of the world), especially in the industrial sector. I often hear that 'new types of employment will appear' but never what those jobs will be. Does anyone have any more concrete predictions?


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  • Oct 7 2013: A general point first: I'm not sure it's necessary to define 'full employment', since different people have their own ideas. I'm happy to accept any definition (I understand they usually range from 0-13% at any given time). My own feeling is that we passed 'peak employment' years ago, and it's all downhill from here. Am I wrong? If so, where are those jobs going to come from?
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      Oct 9 2013: As long as there are things to be done, new items to be gotten there will need for full employment.
      Deep sea mining for rare metals, floating ocean cities, holistic management ranching has only start to reclaim the deserts, and more needs to be done before people can stop working at their peak.

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