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Is full-time, full employment a realistic aim in Europe?

The processes of offshoring and automation seem to be consuming more and more jobs in Europe (I imagine this will soon be true of most of the world), especially in the industrial sector. I often hear that 'new types of employment will appear' but never what those jobs will be. Does anyone have any more concrete predictions?


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    Oct 7 2013: Wikipedia has an excellent article on "full employment" - it's not a simple concept. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_employment. I think the key issue here is what to do with people who would like to be employed but can not find a good job. Economies are cyclical and structural unemployment ensures that there will be people without jobs, The only solution I know of that has worked (multiple times) is that government should guarantee a job to anyone who otherwise can not find a job. For example, public works projects can put people to work. There is significant economic theory behind this, but the bottom line is that it seems better to put people to real work rather than to have them live on the welfare dole.

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