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Can the ordinary achieve the extraordinary?

I have heard many a times, geniuses doing things no other man or woman could match at their time. Their caliber and determination. I am certain that all of you have heard similar stories. Well today was certainly not a good day for me, as i was hit hard by reality. I am by nature, ignorant and like to think too much of myself, no matter what consequences be. I recently gave a competitive exam, and well it didn't turn out well as i was 500th of the 4000 people who gave the test. People have their highs and lows, however the question i intend to ask here is, can an ordinary person like, me, do something greater than simply living in melancholy and perish? Is a life full of discoveries are reserved for the extraordinary and the ridiculously hard workers?

Is there a way to be extraordinary and do you know some ordinary people who have achieved extra ordinary feats?


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    Oct 12 2013: Rafi... I believe in power of absolute faith in God Almighty. Furthermore, total truthfulness was that ingredient that makes a human being achieve the extraordinary! When young, I was always fascinated by God Almighty. Not knowing what God Almighty meant, I started travelling path of absolute truthfulness as prompted from within.

    No matter how much I searched, I could not get a preceptor to guide me in the spiritual journey of life! Most people prayed to or worshipped God. I wanted to go beyond that. I wanted to reach God in this very life. All my life I have never been to temples, churches or mosques. I believed that God Almighty existed within me in miniscule form as my soul atman, the spirit within! If I were to reach God in this life, I had to look within, not outside of body!

    I read everything relating to Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana, the two spiritual stalwarts who reached God in their lifetime! 25 years of yoga meditation, I finally landed in laps of God Almighty in wee hours of third of August 1993 at 37 years of age. This is my last manifestation on mother earth... 8.4 millionth manifestation, last in cosmic life cycle!

    I never wanted to become a person with higher status. I just wanted to serve the community and for this I followed dictates of Mahavira (24th Tirthankara of Jainism, preceptor). Mahavira rightly said, do not preach anything unless you become a Mahavira, an enlightened one! I am presently engaged in writing commentary on Bhagavad Gita, the foremost of all sacred scriptures existing on mother earth. The moment this commentary becomes available to masses... purpose of my life would have been served!

    When I look back... I recall grace of God Almighty. A lad from village writing commentary on Bhagavad Gita that reaches masses was something unthinkable. Truly, anything is possible in this world! If we have the will, a fixed goal in life... we can always find the way! More on BhagavadGita - http://www.bhagavadgitasummary.com
    • Oct 12 2013: I am much impressed by your strong beliefs and ideas, i bet you are a man of a strong foundation and perfect ideals, however, when i venture into the unknown, i.e. to me, god... Rationality is something which i find lacking. In every great legend, from Mahabharata to Ramayana, i find meaningful lessons, a reminder of truth, nevertheless i fail to believe in the existence of god, as everything seems to be irrational if his presence is proven.

      I don't see anything as good or bad, i accept every act in its entirety and with no bias, a deed good or bad is the same to me, with different intentions at heart, and i don't think that IF there is a god, he would care about good and bad either, for he would be the creator of both the sides, and they are but 2 sides of the same coin.

      However, i have always been fascinated by people with different approaches of life, most even by people who believe in god and accept it as a fact, so i'd like to ask you, How do you maintain your belief against all the recent developments in science and technology, and how does it affect your life? I can't think like many people can because i tend to reach extreme levels of stubbornness, and even though there is no solid scientific proof against god in any form, i find religious beliefs of a heaven and hell simply senseless, but i mean no offense. I might be able to accept the fact that there is a god, however when religious beliefs and things like bible come into play, i find it highly unrealistic.

      I find religion a way to keep humanity under its own boundaries, which to some extent is a wonderful thing, because without a guiding light, humanity can go haywire. However when i look at its rationality and the possibilities, i find it exceedingly unverified and biased way to look at things...

      I would really appreciate if you could provide me some insight from your point of view, how you look at things and why you choose to do so...

      Thank you for your time and patience :D
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        Oct 12 2013: For knowing everything related to God Almighty, absolute faith in God was necessitated... something that was missing from lives of most! The most human beings tried were pray to God or worship God. People feared travelling spiritual path to reach God... lest they lose family life! Everything in domain of God Almighty only became clear when we reached stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)... never before. At that level rationality of the physical manifest world carried no meaning.

        All my life since six years of age I have always trusted God... no matter what! In my spiritual travail, I do not remember how many times I had to eat hell for breakfast, how many contemplations of suicide! Yet, my faith in God Almighty never dwindled. My goal of life was absolute... reach God in this very life as we do not know what form our soul atman manifests in next manifestation. I had to see and meet God in this very life... no matter what!

        Spirituality starts from the point where science ends. For example... it is only a few decades past when most scientists world over agreed that the present cosmos started with a big bang. Everything related to big bang theory, evolution of life in cosmos is explicitly detailed in Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism. Everything from stage of big bang to dissolution of cosmos (Pralaya in Hinduism) is clear in Bhagavad Gita like ABCD. Even concept of heaven and hell is made explicitly clear in scriptures of Hinduism. More on concept of heaven - http://www.godrealized.org/understanding_the_whole_concept_of_heaven.html

        For reaching God, I did not follow path of religion. All my life I believed in spirituality that directly led to God Almighty! Understanding difference between religion and spirituality is of utmost importance to realize God in present life. Initially when I started in search of God... I had no inkling about religion or spirituality. More on religion and spirituality - http://www.godrealized.org/spirituality_and_religion.html
        • Oct 12 2013: It is not really heaven, hell and spirituality i am concerned about, but i really respect the words. It is indeed necessary to realize that religion and spirituality are two worlds apart. However, I believe science never ends, it is a dynamic, ever evolving process of realization and discoveries. If i remember correctly, the Greeks once believed that a solar eclipse was a sign of bad deeds and evil, while the occasional halley's comet was a sign of destruction for some cultures...

          To be very honest, i don't believe in spirituality and individuality at all, i perceive things as they scientifically are; atoms. But this does not mean spirituality is irrational. It is only me who isn't capable of rationalizing spirits and the supernatural. But i would still strongly object your statement that spirituality begins where science ends, because to me, science never ends. It goes as far and wide as the universe itself, simply waiting to expose its true beauty.

          On another note, it isn't belief which drives discovery, as you tell me that i need to have absolute faith in god. It is but curiosity which drives discovery, and the drive to know. I don't believe that spirituality can be explained by any sciences at our disposal, so i do not agree.
          However, you seem to be more knowledgeable about these things and so i ask you, how do you explain spirituality and individuality, as you referred to souls and other things of such sort, and to you, is enlightenment simply the acceptance of a greater power, a simple call for forgiveness and blessings? Or is it a plea for reality, and the truth of life, right and wrong? Is it simply acceptance of subjugation, or is it realization?

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