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When I say MOVIE, which movie appears on your mind spontaneously?

We all have some kind of connection with movies, some may shape your life,some may mirror your life experience,some,you will never forget? Tell us your favorite movie,and amplify your answer by the understanding you got on that movie?

  • Oct 6 2013: To Live

    I never tire of watching it. There are many aspects of the movie that resonates with me. I really lack the words to explain how powerful the movie is, in my opinion.

    Anyone interested in watching it, here is the link:
    • Oct 7 2013: Hi Dear Mary,I just searched 'to live' from BaiDu:) and watched it.It is really a nice movie.Thanks for sharing:)
      • Oct 7 2013: Oh, I hope it was the same movie....produced by Chiu Fusheng.....and Shanghai Studios.
        It moved me to see how the wife says over and over again throughout the movie that all she wants is a "quiet life".
        I really love the movie and how it shows time and again how the human spirit, despite many troubles and tribulations, continues to want "To Live".
        • Oct 7 2013: oh...guess it is different movie:).Here is the movie I watched which named is'To live'
        • Oct 7 2013: Lol,I searched it's information in detail,Dear Mary,it is the same movie we watched.Director is:ZhangYiMou.
          The couple is typical chinese wife and husband's life.The wife and the husband in the movie are very amiable.The wife showed the most of chinese ladies' virtues:a bearable wife and great mother.I could feel her virtues from my grandmom,my mother and lots of elder chinese ladies around me.
      • Oct 7 2013: Oh good....I'm glad you saw the same movie Edulover.

        I think that inside me....I am like this kind of Chinese lady.
        There is something in my thinking that has always been there from a very young age that is very typical Chinese culture.

        My mom tells me that in the corner of where we lived when I was little, a Chinese family had a business. Perhaps I learned, somehow, Chinese ways at a very young age? I don't know.

        I have always found it peculiar how I really love to watch Chinese movies of this type, and it resonates with me so much.
        • Oct 8 2013: Yes,Dear Mary,I guess that must be know what littlle kids learned hiden significant adult's learning potential.I think your childhood's experience helps you to get that resonation to understand chinese culture in very high level.It surprised me when I saw you mentioned what movie you like'to live'.The movie contains a lot of chinese culture.
      • Oct 8 2013: My family thinks I am a little crazy because I am a 'global soul' with a strong inclination towards the Orient......Maybe one day I will visit China.

        I almost went when I was living in Asia in '89, but due to the massacre in Tiananmen Square, I just did not feel right visiting the country.
        • Oct 9 2013: Hi Dear Mary.Why not,I think China is one of the Orient countries which deserves your visiting.For it's ups and downs,cloudy and foggy such a long history.Although I am Chinese,sometimes I couldn't help bravo for it's so much mysteries.Except the language,I always have a zest to devote my whole into the land,and compare with it's power,I feel I am as tiny as a little sand,not a matter tho.I love it,though I read some histories of it,I couldn't help tearing often.Resonating sounds like blood circleing on and on...

          I also like India's culture:meditation,yoga...they push me to keep thinking.
    • Oct 7 2013: Mary,

      great movie - have you seen Kurosawa's Ikiru which means To Live or Living
      • Oct 7 2013: Hi Wayne,

        That's a Japanese movie....I have not seen it.
        But I just checked, and my library has a copy of it.
        Can't wait to see it.

        Thanks.....anything specific you liked about it?
      • Oct 8 2013: Thanks Wayne. I will find time this week to sit and watch seems like a movie I would enjoy.
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    Oct 6 2013: Gone with the Wind.
    Not my favourite, but the most iconic of 20th century films.
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      Oct 7 2013: Truly it is,it melts our hearts. Unforgettable gorgeous story in that movie.
  • Oct 6 2013: Hi Dear George:),when mentioned about movie,'La Vita e bella' is from Italy.I appreciate the father's humors and wits to guide his son to enjoy a happy childhood in very hard time.How great the father he is,I think everyone should learn from him to raise our kids growing so:).
    Happy weekend!
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      Oct 7 2013: I remember its English title is Life is Beautiful. It is absolutely a fabulous movie,worthy of extracting life wisdom.
    • Oct 7 2013: I had not heard of this movie either.
      I will look it up and watch it.
      Thanks Edulover.
      • Oct 7 2013: Hi Dear Mary,George Willsons is right.It's English title is'Life is Beautiful'.Chinese is'美丽人生‘
        • Oct 8 2013: I ordered it from the library.....I'm going to have some nice movies to watch thanks to George's conversation.
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    Oct 8 2013: Your profile picture influenced me in the process. So the first one I thought of was BURNT BY THE SUN, 1994 Russian movie.
    You look like the main character.
    Disregarding your moustache and soviet hairdo, it's a beautiful, slow-paced movie that really influenced me. I'll never forget a scene where "you" walk into a dining room at noon and sit at the table surrounded by a cheerful bunch of children. "You" are wearing a bright white shirt and seem to have just bathed. The sun in the room, the peaceful feeling of repose, of being clean and surrounded by loved ones... Life couldn't appear more perfect.
  • Oct 8 2013: 12 Angry Men (1957), by Sidney Lumet, or how one man armed with reason could overcome hatred and anger. A real Crusade against prejudices. I highly recommend it!
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    Oct 7 2013: The movie which I like is "Into the Wild" directed by Sean penn ,the Songs are perfect for my Mood. then there is "Hangover 2" which along with my friend can enjoy many time. in Hindi movie it is "Ram teri ganga Maili ho gayi" the songs and picturization is beautiful. Then in comedy it is "Andaaz apna apna" Oh God list is very big as I am Movie Freak and enjoy all kind of Movie i.e. Global Italian, French, Russian etc but definitely with Subtitles .
    • Oct 8 2013: When I read your comment, and you mentioned "Into the Wild", I thought.......oh, that was such a sad movie....and a true one at that.
      And what you remember is the music?
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        Oct 8 2013: For me "Into the Wild" movie makes a bigger sense, in the movie I like the free Spirit of a young Gentleman Christopher, in our world there are many with same spirit, want to live life differently than the way they are living today. They comes with various names as Hippy, Gypsies, in my country Sadhu ,Jogis etc they all are part of our Society and civilization. The songs are Superb, one song is 'Society"
        • Oct 9 2013: He was a free spirit all right.....not materialistic at all.......but instead wanting to enjoy a simple life for a while out in nature.
          It is just so sad to see the terrible death he suffered because of one tiny mistake in judgment.
          I cannot imagine what his parents went through when the authorities found his body and informed his family.
          A terrible ending to a wonderful young life.

          Sadly the deaths did not stop there, a fan of the book and movie also lost her life trying to reach the bus where that young man died:

          There is another true story that was made into a movie, that also had a tragic ending..........Grizzly Man.......have you seen it?
  • Oct 7 2013: the naked island by Shindo - can not get a dvd of it in the US only in Europe. here it is on youtube

    no subtitles but little or no dialogue
  • Oct 6 2013: I guess Dancing with Wolves does it for me. The first time I saw it, it was ,ore of an experience than a movie.
  • Oct 6 2013: The first association I have for "movie" is "feely" as described in Brave New World.
    Perhaps that is because I call movies "films", as I'm British and have failed to escape my language's antiquated terminology.
    I feel like a curator at a provincial museum with a fusty collection of dinosaurs.
    I do think that the American term "movie" if so far superior in its descriptive power.
    I'm going to have to try with all my might to use movie from now on.
    Strangely "mail" has become second nature, replacing what I used to call the "post"
  • Oct 6 2013: I was thinking Blade Runner then

    Soylent Green then

    Grapes of Wrath
    • Oct 7 2013: Grapes of Wrath.....I so loved the book.......... the movie does not do it is the case of so many books turned into movies.
  • Oct 6 2013: I established a deep connection with American Beauty in college. I remember asking a theater friend what the movie was about and him saying "It's good go see it". I walked into the movie totally blind and open to the experience. While my life style and choices didn't mirror any of the characters, the movie had a way of making me appreciate the subtle moments of life and accept my decisions and current life. The movie still gives me a feeling of thoughtful comfort whenever I see it.
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      Oct 6 2013: I reckon you won't get bored to see American Beauty hundreds of times in your life.
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    Oct 6 2013: I will start it myself. The movies that influenced the most is Godfather Ⅰ and Godfather Ⅱ,they reveled my life purpose in a dramatic way. I enjoyed, and still enjoying the life wisdom of Vito Corleone and Micheal Corleone. Protecting family and retaining family's fortune are the essential purpose of my life, the Godfather perfectly carried out this principle.
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    Oct 12 2013: Cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman, George Kennedy and Strother Martin. (It made the careers of the latter two.)
    It's our time's "Les Miserables" (I mean Hugo's novel), showing how a trivial offense grows at the hands of the law into the ultimate tragedy.

    And can it be that no one has mentioned Capablanca, the ultimate film of moral ambiguity? (It's in fact the only flick I own on DVD, and my wife rightly insists it must be watched once a year.)
    • Oct 12 2013: Capablanca? The movie about a chess player?

      Or Casablanca, Bogart's classic?
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        Oct 12 2013: Thanks, Mary. CASABLANCA, of course. I could just edit it, but I think I'll leave it. Funny error - no doubt due to my passion for chess, and Capablanca is of course one of my heroes. (Surprising though, that you'd know about that old Russian movie.)
        • Oct 12 2013: I didn't know about it........I am always learning new things on here......first I googled "Capablanca", and was shocked to discover it was the name of a Cuban chess player........go figure..........I am also Cuban.

          Then it occurred to me that perhaps you did mean Capablanca........BUT, since you said you were surprised nobody had mentioned it, well, that put a little doubt in me. Soooo, long story short.....I decided to ask.

          My grandma used to love to watch Casablanca whenever it came on TV.
          "Here's looking at you, Paul" :D
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    Oct 10 2013: Imitation of Life with Lana Turner. It's a tear jerker.
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    Oct 10 2013: Lost Horizon.
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    Oct 9 2013: Fearless
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    Oct 9 2013: The Great Gatsby. I don't know why...
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    Oct 9 2013: One day I will have my own Journey "Into the wild or may be Beach" Lets see
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    Oct 9 2013: No, Mary I have not seen the movie "Grizzly Man" What is the subject line of the Movie.

    "Into the wild" is definitely a sad movie at end, but for me it is more than that. Death is inevitable sooner or latter it will come, but the time that you have, how do u spend it; is matter the most for me. Christopher did not choose how to die but he died accidentally. but till the time he live, he lived it fully on his own term and conditions Long live Christopher in my heart and Spirit Amen!!
    • Oct 9 2013: Grizzly Man is a true story about a man who went to Alaska to become 'friends' with the Grizzly Bears.
      He met a tragic death on one of the visits.
      He had a lot of controversy surrounding his activities in Alaska.

      I have gone into the Wild (mountain trails, volcanoes, foreign lands, deserts)'s wonderful!!!
      Now, I am just plain happy to read "Where the Wild Things Are" to my students. :)

      Thank you for the exchange of thoughts Kuldeep.
      Be Well.
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        Oct 9 2013: Mary you are wonderful person, God bless you with Bliss!!
  • Oct 8 2013: Right, but I've spent 50 years tryiing to figure out why the bad actors were so cruel. Tom Joad is a hero, but he is also a murderer. It's a hard book to make into a movie.
    • Oct 8 2013: Yes, you are absolutely right......the fact that the book pauses in between chapters to narrate and give a reader very difficult to do in a movie....and just the details Steinbeck gives in the book, the killing of the pig prior to leaving the farm.........all the details at the desert crossing.........the sheer exhaustion at the end of a work day once they would find much beautiful language lost in translation.....
      The book is a must would be great if someone tried to remake a better movie.
      • Oct 9 2013: It's beem so long ago, but thanks for the excellend explanation.
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    Oct 6 2013: GRAVITY
    • Oct 7 2013: Hi joke?

      Well, it is the latest movie. Have you seen it?
      Is it any good?
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        Oct 7 2013: A + ( a must-have experience!! )

        best line: " I go where you go "

        Hi Mary..humor, like balls that don't make it over the wall and fall back on my side, tends to get lost in translation when its not face to face:-) so I pick them back up/ glad you got my joke :-)
        • Oct 8 2013: Nice to hear that the movie is A +......oooh wait.....I youtubed it....Here is the extended trailer:

          Looks really good.......

          I hadn't caught the fact that he mentioned the talk "How movies teach manhood".....that was one TED talk I stopped a couple of minutes in, and did not finish watching.

          So, if I'm getting your humor.......Sandra Bullock is teaching manhood? Funny!!
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        Oct 8 2013: This is the first movie in a long long while that I found theater-worthy. And that is a rare rare vote from me. The experience is not replicable, in my opinion. And I wouldn't be surprised if the film sets records. I hope you can see it.

        By the way I also loved the movie you posted "To Live". I had seen it years ago and marked it five stars!! As far as the joke.. lol :-) now I see it is in fact impossible to send a joke over this medium. This wasn't it :-)my joke was on myself.

        I guess you could say that Sandra does teach manhood in Gravity, and so does George, ( and the other characters too) because:

        manhood = womanhood = humanhood = Integrity

        And integrity is gender free.
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        Oct 8 2013: Hi Mary,
        I just re-watched the TED Talk. I noticed I had placed it in my "favorite talks" when I had first watched it last January....I still find Colin Stokes' presentation to be SUPERB & ESSENTIAL.....And I would say Gravity passes "The Bechtel Test" ....with flying colors!!
        • Oct 8 2013: Aha.......I like your chain connection to integrity.....Great!!!

          Now I will definitely go to the theater and watch the movie.....from the clip you can tell that it would be at it's best on a big screen.

          And I'll have to re-watch that TED talk.....for some reason, which I cannot recall right now, it did not appeal to me originally. I'll give it a second shot.
        • Oct 10 2013: OK Miss Zahn....tomorrow......I made a date with my best friend......can't wait!!!

          Did you see it in IMAX 3-D?
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        Oct 10 2013: Gravity. Yes. IMAX 3-D with glasses on!!
        I recommend total unbiased immersion. Which is why I refrained from giving you any information or opinion (believe me it was hard restraining myself). Do not talk/read anything about it just go in open to have an untainted experience, and let it take you where it will. Then we'll talk..I am so excited for you:)
        • Oct 10 2013: Deal !! Thanks for restraining yourself. ;)
        • Oct 12 2013: Juliette.....Juliette......what a movie!!
          Twice I broke out in tears.......
          What part did you enjoy the most?
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        Oct 12 2013: I am careful about what I say here because I would like to leave this experience to be had first-hand by everyone who goes to see this film. So no spoiling. For me there were tears, holding my breath, being on the edge of my seat..I loved the whole thing..It was remarkable because I literally felt I was there myself. No fillers, no drama, everything was just enough, down to the wording of the dialogs, crystal clarity and concision; The rare probability of our existence; The power of our love for each other; The awesomeness of our spiritual resilience. The reality of our desolation. Our unity. It took them four years to make it, and sandra pulled out all her talents, including major gymnastics, but they finally created a true experience that reflects the accurate fragility yet enough-ness of our existence in this universe.
        (My review deserves payment WB ;-) hopefully someday soon♥)
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    Oct 6 2013: Lost in Translation