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When I say MOVIE, which movie appears on your mind spontaneously?

We all have some kind of connection with movies, some may shape your life,some may mirror your life experience,some,you will never forget? Tell us your favorite movie,and amplify your answer by the understanding you got on that movie?

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    Oct 9 2013: No, Mary I have not seen the movie "Grizzly Man" What is the subject line of the Movie.

    "Into the wild" is definitely a sad movie at end, but for me it is more than that. Death is inevitable sooner or latter it will come, but the time that you have, how do u spend it; is matter the most for me. Christopher did not choose how to die but he died accidentally. but till the time he live, he lived it fully on his own term and conditions Long live Christopher in my heart and Spirit Amen!!
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      Oct 9 2013: Grizzly Man is a true story about a man who went to Alaska to become 'friends' with the Grizzly Bears.
      He met a tragic death on one of the visits.
      He had a lot of controversy surrounding his activities in Alaska.

      I have gone into the Wild (mountain trails, volcanoes, foreign lands, deserts).........it's wonderful!!!
      Now, I am just plain happy to read "Where the Wild Things Are" to my students. :)

      Thank you for the exchange of thoughts Kuldeep.
      Be Well.
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        Oct 9 2013: Mary you are wonderful person, God bless you with Bliss!!

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