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When I say MOVIE, which movie appears on your mind spontaneously?

We all have some kind of connection with movies, some may shape your life,some may mirror your life experience,some,you will never forget? Tell us your favorite movie,and amplify your answer by the understanding you got on that movie?

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    Oct 7 2013: The movie which I like is "Into the Wild" directed by Sean penn ,the Songs are perfect for my Mood. then there is "Hangover 2" which along with my friend can enjoy many time. in Hindi movie it is "Ram teri ganga Maili ho gayi" the songs and picturization is beautiful. Then in comedy it is "Andaaz apna apna" Oh God list is very big as I am Movie Freak and enjoy all kind of Movie i.e. Global Italian, French, Russian etc but definitely with Subtitles .
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      Oct 8 2013: When I read your comment, and you mentioned "Into the Wild", I thought.......oh, that was such a sad movie....and a true one at that.
      And what you remember is the music?
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        Oct 8 2013: For me "Into the Wild" movie makes a bigger sense, in the movie I like the free Spirit of a young Gentleman Christopher, in our world there are many with same spirit, want to live life differently than the way they are living today. They comes with various names as Hippy, Gypsies, in my country Sadhu ,Jogis etc they all are part of our Society and civilization. The songs are Superb, one song is 'Society"
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          Oct 9 2013: He was a free spirit all right.....not materialistic at all.......but instead wanting to enjoy a simple life for a while out in nature.
          It is just so sad to see the terrible death he suffered because of one tiny mistake in judgment.
          I cannot imagine what his parents went through when the authorities found his body and informed his family.
          A terrible ending to a wonderful young life.

          Sadly the deaths did not stop there, a fan of the book and movie also lost her life trying to reach the bus where that young man died:


          There is another true story that was made into a movie, that also had a tragic ending..........Grizzly Man.......have you seen it?

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