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When I say MOVIE, which movie appears on your mind spontaneously?

We all have some kind of connection with movies, some may shape your life,some may mirror your life experience,some,you will never forget? Tell us your favorite movie,and amplify your answer by the understanding you got on that movie?

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  • Oct 6 2013: The first association I have for "movie" is "feely" as described in Brave New World.
    Perhaps that is because I call movies "films", as I'm British and have failed to escape my language's antiquated terminology.
    I feel like a curator at a provincial museum with a fusty collection of dinosaurs.
    I do think that the American term "movie" if so far superior in its descriptive power.
    I'm going to have to try with all my might to use movie from now on.
    Strangely "mail" has become second nature, replacing what I used to call the "post"

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