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Government shutdown

I guess I am easily confused. MSN Money says we will los between $40 to $80 million dollars a day. The Huffington Post says we will lose $300 million a day

I recall Bill Walton losing $150 million in one day. I read the article and it said that he lost in "projected" gains. Under triple bookkeeping you can declare that as a loss.

That year I files taxes with a note that I had not won the lottery and had expected to so I am claiming a 10 Million dollar loss.

The audit was hell.

If 800,000 government workers are laid off at say a average of $60,000 a year salary that would be $28,84 per hour X 8 hours = $230.72 per day X 800,000 = $184,576,000 in actual "real" savings.

So say MSN was right and we are "projecting" a 40 million dollar a day loss ... $184,576,000 - $40,000,0000 = $144,576,000 a day in "real" savings.

Not only are we saving money during the shutdown Congress is tied up and not making stupid decisions ... the citizens finally win one.

Let me have a second to bask in this victory and then tell me why I am either right or wrong ........


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    Oct 10 2013: Mike, I had a combined 30 years with the fed and went from the entry level to supervision. Looking back provides me with how the mission, goals, and vision changed at every level. I went from bitching about decisions to being the man I bitched about. I was set on making changes that would delete waste, improve efficiency, and all of the virtuous ideals ... It makes no difference what level you are at .... changes are small at best and the machine rolls on. Between unions and bureaucracy I could not eliminate positions and was often forced to take new positions. I would have a full days work to do and yet was forced to go to meetings where "political appointees" shared their egos with no attempt to address the issues.

    You accurately addressed the problems and a viable resolution. The communist party set out 41 points for the over throw of the USA and has achieved all but two ... history has shown that our current path will end as you say ... yet in light of these facts ... the march continues.

    The very fact that leadership no longer fears the people and is placing means of "control" in place should serve as a giant red flag ... again ignored by most.

    As a retired, senior citizen, and political independent I no longer have to please and follow stupid leadership who's only goal is to please their masters and protect their rice bowls.

    Every year we go through the same dumb argument about the debt ceiling. Evey year a budget is given and every year it is exceeded. That really is not the problem of government ... that is OUR problem. If we continue to elect irresponsible people we will continue the downward spiral. If we managed our homes / businesses like this we would be broke, divorced, and likely in jail. Leaders should be held to the same punishments for their failures to the people .. and certainly NOT re-elected.

    Always good to talk to another who has "been there". Thanks. Bob.

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