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Government shutdown

I guess I am easily confused. MSN Money says we will los between $40 to $80 million dollars a day. The Huffington Post says we will lose $300 million a day

I recall Bill Walton losing $150 million in one day. I read the article and it said that he lost in "projected" gains. Under triple bookkeeping you can declare that as a loss.

That year I files taxes with a note that I had not won the lottery and had expected to so I am claiming a 10 Million dollar loss.

The audit was hell.

If 800,000 government workers are laid off at say a average of $60,000 a year salary that would be $28,84 per hour X 8 hours = $230.72 per day X 800,000 = $184,576,000 in actual "real" savings.

So say MSN was right and we are "projecting" a 40 million dollar a day loss ... $184,576,000 - $40,000,0000 = $144,576,000 a day in "real" savings.

Not only are we saving money during the shutdown Congress is tied up and not making stupid decisions ... the citizens finally win one.

Let me have a second to bask in this victory and then tell me why I am either right or wrong ........


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    Oct 8 2013: I think your major problem is that your whole system is waaaay too complicated. In Australia we have a lower house where the majority leader is the PM and a senate. If the senate blocks supply to the government, it's dissolved and we elect a new one. Of course we have the advantage that the entire electoral process must be completed in six weeks by our constitution.
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      Oct 8 2013: Actually Peter,
      It started out really simple. Our Constitution is just a few dozen pages and really simple in the concept.
      What happened is that a number of the revolutionaries wanted to set up a kingdom like the Brits had.
      Well, George Washington said no. But, they didn't forget. And ever since they and their descendents have gained office and slowly are turning the USA in that direction. Every two years citizens coronate royalty to go to the castle on the hill over looking the Potomac.
      Think I exaggerate... Check them out.

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