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People always say, especially elderly people, 'trust nobody', means we have to distrust anyone first before assessing his trustworthiness?

I am a professional. Generally, friends and relatives advise to trust no one in life. I am always concerned with that advice. I believe I do not have the knack of knowing hidden intentions of other people. This talk suggests we should ourselves become trustworthy. Can we be trustworthy to someone we may not trust. at least yet?


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  • Oct 11 2013: Trust is something that we give and unless you give it to yourself first you will never know when someone else is trustworthy. Once you give your own self trust you will understand that at times we fail our own self. Being able to move on when we find we are not trustworthy of our own trust sets us up with the proper perspective in which we can judge other peoples trustworthiness. Trust is something I give to the people I encounter in my environment and is also one of the ways that I can share of myself with my environment.

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