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Tweeting for Change: Organizing a social movement around people trying to change the world in 140 characters or less

So we all know the horror stories about the internet but we know much less about the positive, the good. I decided to find out more. So I'm going to tell a different social media story. The story of three people convinced they can change the world, through tweeting.

So I would like input on this and if you like the idea please take a look and let's get this started! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/455857426/tweeting-for-change


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  • Oct 4 2013: Yes, well that's a tricky thing. I can't use my current job to raise funds, which makes sense. This is a separate project from my work. But my former University, Marquette, has a student run PR "firm" that is excited to help and will be coming on in the next week to lend what I think will be some critical support.

    I would love to do a TED talk about it and the experience. I also have a Twitter page specifically for people "Tweeting for Change" Just recently went up and getting a lot of people who in fact are doing just that.... so it's nice to take the project out to the people who are doing it. https://twitter.com/Tweetng4Change

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