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What is evil?

*Back by popular demand"

Consider the following into your answers (If you want):

Is evil real?
Is it tangible?
Is it taught, learned, or absorbed?
Is it in nature or just in human nature?
Can you measure evil?
Are there evil people?
What is the opposite of evil? Is there one?
What creates evil?

"... it touches on ethics, morals, philosophy, perception, life, and many other things that we consider close to us" - Birdia Tak Wai Chan

Let's have a good discussion here. This question really can be tackled from every direction regarding thought.

**A side note: An idea worth spreading = thinking in open-ended terms can lead to a lot of different thoughts being connected, which is how a great thought is created. Being specific doesn't necessarily mean the answers are going to specific or good anyways nor any better.**


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    Apr 22 2011: Yes, evil exists and it is necessary. Necessary because we need evil for good to exist. That's the mechanism used by religions to keep their existence, God created hell because otherwise paradise wouldn't exist, God wouldn't exist. God depends on evil, good depends on evil. We need to know what evil is to know what good is, don't we?
    • Apr 22 2011: Dear Lucas Avelleda,
      evil is created to we can know good. good exist anyway.
      " God created hell because otherwise paradise wouldn't exist, God wouldn't exist": I disagree. existence of heaven does not depend on hell. heaven can exist if hell exist or not. like when Adam was in heaven.
      God not depend on anything.

      God said 3 reason for creating human (3 level)
      the lowest level is human examination.
      but final goal is to human know God.
      before creating human and world God was alone and Intended to be known.
      please note time is a creature of God and time is for human, not for God.
      but when we want to speak there is no way to not use such world.
      the true knowing of God is just possible by Intuition. you just know God (not entity of God) just when you see it by your eye of heart. and when you see it you can not describe it for people by worlds. each human should experience it himself and it is impossible to say that experience to others by words.
      as God has all good attributed unlimited so if some one want to know God, should know the attributes of God. and each attribute can be just by comparing to its opposite attribute.
      so God created a suitable environment to those attributes be known. that environment is our world and universe and all thing is universe is created for human needs. so human is center of creature and all other is for human use.
      so God created Satan (devil or bad attributes) to at opposite of bad attributes, good attributes (attributes of God) be known. and this is possible just when human have option.
      if human have no option like animals, then good and bad has no meaning. and doing good has no value and good (at ext ream God) can not be known. if there is no cruel, then merciful has no meaning.


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        Apr 22 2011: If there was no hot water, cold water would just be water, right? If there was no evil, good things would just be things, right?
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        Apr 24 2011: SRA....................I think you are right about almost everything but evil. Good cannot create evil. God allowed for evil to be experienced but God did not create evil. There would be no evil if we had no concept of good. Peace
        • May 3 2011: Dear Helen Hupe,
          evil is created by human.
          human is free to select do good or evil.
          but from another view of point all of us are doing anything by power of God and we can consider all we do is do of God.
          it is like you have a knife at your hand and cut an apple.
          now the knife cut apple or you?
          we are like a knife at hand of God.
          without power of God we can not move even one millimeter.
          but as human has option it is done by human "select" and so it is a deed of human, not God. while at the same time it is deed of God.
          God punish and reward because of "wisdom"
          no animal has wisdom. just human
          the first thing God created was wisdom
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      • Apr 23 2011: Kathy K,
        cartoons and movie use symbol.
        how you can demonstrate a non-material thing?
      • May 3 2011: Dear Kathy K,
        I disagree soul and sprite are some kind of materials.
        they are completely non material.
        material has some limitations like time, place, dimensions,...
        if some thing is some just a much more subtle form which the human eye is unable to perceive, so it is steel material and still limitations of material.
        but at sleep you go to other city or country of other plant very quick. this shows your soul is not material at all. or you can go to past or future in sleep. so at sleep you are free from limitations of material. does not it enough to show soul is not material at all?
      • May 7 2011: Dear Kathy K,
        "'eyes that see' "
        our soul has eye.
        spiritual things are seen by eye of soul. not by eye of head. but this eye is not open for all people.
        the small example is dreams you see in sleep while your eye of head is closed. its by your eye of soul.

        "Kirlian photography"
        I am sure spritual things can not be detected by any kind of physical and material instrument. and I am not sure what they have photographed but I am sure it has not been a soul. the only way is perhaps spritual things can have some effects on some materials in special cases if they are allowed and may that effect can be photographed. effects like:
        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%C3%A9ance soul of dead people can move objects in special board in Séance. the Séance is banned in Islam. but some people do it.
        please see:

        "It is this ethereal body which travels"
        its soul, not any body. any kind of material is limited in time and place. just soul has not such limitation. soul is restricted in jail of body.

        why you make it such complicated and make consents like 'subtle' body?
        it is simply soul.
        each human has 4 soul. just some special people like messengers and close friends of God has 5 soul. this is the reason they can see what is in your home now. did you hear the story of Jesus (peace on him) that he could say to people what they did in their home and said to some one: you have hided extra fish in your home, give some of them to this poor woman.
        the 5th soul can see every where at any time.
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      Apr 23 2011: Nope Lucas........God is good and did not create evil. Evil is simply that something is not whole.
      good does not have an opposite.
      • Apr 23 2011: God created evil.
        please read my above post to know why God created evil.
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          Apr 25 2011: God created evil .................. you can't be serious
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        Apr 25 2011: I thought God created everything...
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          Apr 25 2011: you thought and perhaps think very wrong (look what I said below) .................. and you do not are rational when you say something like ........... man everything have a rational explanation
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          Apr 25 2011: I don't see the question Birdia :)
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          Apr 26 2011: Birdia have you read what I said below ? according to it God didn't create everything , He created only the good (and what I said explain the existence of the bad), from where do you have this idea that God created everything?
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        Apr 25 2011: Oh thank you Birdia, haha, sounds like a very rational explanation to me. If God did not created evil, Eduard my friend, we would be facing a huge paradox. There's a Disney short movie that ilustrates what we're trying to say, I'll try to find it and post here.
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          Apr 26 2011: I would like to know this huge paradox .........................
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          Apr 26 2011: God = infinite, omnipotent, and universal

          Had he not created evil to test life, he would not be all that people claim he can be. It is like the Bible and how fictional the stories really are; I mean God created man yet destroys them when they take advantage of what nature presents them? That is saying he made mistakes. God made planted seeds yet we make those same plants illegal. God made man and woman yet women seem to come second in the Koran. How can a man exist without his mother? Like saying you are better than the person who created you. these are all stories Ed. Believing in God to be an absolution cannot come from a book or a religion, it cannot. Religions, books, and people time after time limit the idea of which God can exist in constantly. I say God is love because love is a powerful thing, it can unite the world if placed first into our morality ideals. Not because the Christian think they know what universal love is, they are the biggest sinners in history and no one can deny that. Love is my faith, and I do not even need an almighty God to tell me what I should do or not do morally. I figured it out on my own through educations.

          Paradox = God created everything, but not this one thing.

          God = Reality (start there)
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          Apr 27 2011: About your paradox Nick: God created everything what's good , what's bad/wrong/evil is the perversion of what's good , and this paradox is very easy solved.(you can somehow say that God created the evil it comes implicitly but you see according to what I said He have no blame for it ).

          Sorry Nick but your judgments are utterly nonsense , look only one example : "I mean God created man yet destroys them when they take advantage of what nature presents them? " if God created everything (and of course the man and the nature) He have rights upon us and upon nature , don't you think so ? if God created everything, all is His property and He can destroy everything without no problem because as I've said everything is His.
          or this "God made man and woman yet women seem to come second in the Koran. How can a man exist without his mother?" it is really only nonsense , the answer is very very simple: God created the man(which is exatcly the idea with which you have started).

          Sorry Nick , i wanna be friendy with you but I really don't see how you think (if you think , of course)
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          Apr 27 2011: Ed,

          simply by saying God is unhappy with our decisions is limiting God to me. Making god a reflection of humans, so thus someone had to of created God at that point.

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