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Is it possible to use hydrogen as fuel without any danger of explosion?

Friends, I know hydrogen is the alternate fuel which is available enormously. But when we consider safety there comes big disadvantage. So can we use it or not?

  • Oct 4 2013: Hydrogen's explosive properties were never the real problem. Its part of it, but not the real issue. Jet fuel isn't much better from a safety standpoint, and we use that all the time.

    The thing is, at current market value, hydrogen is simply more expensive than fossil fuels--abundant doesn't automatically make it cheap. To release hydrogen from the compounds its found in nature, you need to spend energy, and energy costs money. Too much energy to compete with fossil fuels in fact, which simply come cheaper.
    It needs to be economical to be implemented. Same reason we haven't switched over to renewable energy sources--bad value for your money in a strictly energy per capital sense.
  • Oct 4 2013: A lot of people remember the Hindenburg disaster. Hydrogen is less explosive than the gasoline we use today.
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    Oct 4 2013: It is already in use under the common premise, that there is no 100% safety in any technology. The risks have reached usual acceptance levels.