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How to learn a language better ?

I want to be a translater ,but I am not good at English ,especilly there are many differences in Chinese and English ,and in my school ,there are little chances to speak English .So ,how to learn a language effictively ? .


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  • Oct 3 2013: English is actually one of the hardest languages to learn... there are a lot of grammatical nuances that can confuse a lot of non-native english speakers. I was exposed to english since 4 years of age and got to know the language very well. however, I am not a native speaker.

    From the way you wrote your introduction above, i can say you are actually doing very well ! You say you have difficulty but i can understand your intentions very clearly, and from most of the post below you can understand others very well.

    You already have the basic foundations.. all you need now is practice and unfortunately there is no substitute for it.

    One of the difficult things for a chinese speaker to do is to speak with an understandable english tone.. it has something to do with the way putonghua is spoken that makes it difficult to pronounce english words.

    My advice would be, if your priority is to understand english in a quicker way, you'll have to read more and listen to standard conversational english more.

    If your priority is to speak english, you'll have to practice with an english speaker because that would almost be the only way you can get feedback with how you pronounce certain words and it trains your brain to express your thoughts into direct english without thinking of the chinese terms and translating it in your head.


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