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How to learn a language better ?

I want to be a translater ,but I am not good at English ,especilly there are many differences in Chinese and English ,and in my school ,there are little chances to speak English .So ,how to learn a language effictively ? .


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    Oct 3 2013: Hey,boy.It's not hard to learn a language, as you want, you'll make it. However, i have to say it's a little bit hard for you to learn English in China. We don't have much chance to practice and take a real conversation with native speakers. While that doesn't mean you can't learn it well by make chances on your own. Studying abroad would be an effective way, even an overseas intership would help a lot. And you can also watch more American TV shows to practice your listening, you'd better get used to the dialects of the native speaker which you may encounter in your translator life.
    PS.Some Chinese Students can't distinguish the conception of Translater and Interpreter. Being an interpreter is much more difficult than a translater.
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      Oct 3 2013: Recently, I am listen to CNN, but it is difficult many times ,the speed of its speaking and large number of new words .So I often can't understand what are they saying .
      Maybe whatever translater or interpreter , whether it is hard is depend on who is doing it .Everyone has his/her own advantages .
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        Oct 4 2013: Great~I belive you'll make it! Watching CNN news is a good way, if you cannot undertand it, just play it again. 3 more times, you'll get a better understanding of it~ Good luck~

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