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How to learn a language better ?

I want to be a translater ,but I am not good at English ,especilly there are many differences in Chinese and English ,and in my school ,there are little chances to speak English .So ,how to learn a language effictively ? .


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  • W T 100+

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    Oct 3 2013: Hi Wu.
    I have a question for you.
    Is it common to say 'hello boy' in Chinese?
    This is not common in English.
    I noticed that two people addressed you this way.
    I am curious to know your answer.
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      Oct 3 2013: In my experience,in Chinese ,we often just say 'hello' with one's name or nickname , it is not often heard in daily life that 'hello boy ' .But we often use it in English ,I do not know why this happen .
      • W T 100+

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        Oct 3 2013: It sounds kind of weird....

        I just thought I'd let you know, since you want to learn English.

        In the old days, older boys would call out to little kids "hey boy!", when they didn't know their name.
        But here, on TED, we know your name, so it just looks a bit strange for someone to address you in this fashion.

        Thank you Wu for answering my question.

        I learned English at a young age. I am of Spanish origin.
        What helped me was to be immersed in English.
        Are there no Americans living near you that you could associate with them and practice with a native speaker at least once a week?

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