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How to learn a language better ?

I want to be a translater ,but I am not good at English ,especilly there are many differences in Chinese and English ,and in my school ,there are little chances to speak English .So ,how to learn a language effictively ? .


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    Oct 2 2013: Hi, Little Wu, I'd like to advise you to be open to speak to English native speakers and always THINK in English, speak as much English as you can in your life. If you want an English learning and Speaking environment, you may consider studying in Wall Street English. They have a complete English speaking and learning background. If you want self-teaching, I recommend you the following websites:
    And also a magazine with them:英语角 The English Corner(it's with mp3 and Chinese translations) . You can buy it on Amazon.

    Hope they can boost your efficiency in learning English~!:)
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      Oct 3 2013: thank you ~ it is very helpful ~ I'll try my best to teach by myself ~

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