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How can a human being overcome selfishness, the idea that one is separate from the rest of humanity?

In an action, we usually have a target (goal) a means to achieve that (a method) and resources. Should one of the components be out of line, or not supporting the other two, the action would be a failure as harmony would be broken. So every component supports the others, every component lives for the others. When this alignment is achieved, the Archer is satisfied, releases the arrow from the bow and the target is hit. How can we live for one another and align our hearts for the benefit of all humanity?


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    Oct 27 2013: I think, to some degree, the way we refer to one another has something (small but significant) to do with how we treat one another. For instance, I was working in a detention facility in Iraq, there was a very real concern about how "detainees" were being treated. A training program was quickly adopted and made a mandatory part of our initial training. One thing that stuck out clearly in my head was the labels we place on people. Detainee's, terrorists even the label Iraqi's seems to distance ones self from another. It seems like such a slight distance, just a name, a label. I think that slight distance holds more weight than we assume. We are all human. Beyond that, in my experience, labels tend to miss the target. A wind that cannot be compensated for.
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      Oct 27 2013: i think you have hit the nail in the head. you have pointed out the begining of separation. thank you
    • Nov 1 2013: well stated Glenn......
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      Nov 3 2013: Very well stated and recognized Glenn. I volunteered with the department of corrections for about 6 years, facilitating various programs. Who are these people? "They" could be "me"! We are more the same than different, and when we recognize our similarities, as well as accept our differences....without labels.....we may find many ways in which we can connect. How we refer to each other....label ourselves or each other....has a LOT to do with how we treat each other.....well said my friend:>)

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