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How can a human being overcome selfishness, the idea that one is separate from the rest of humanity?

In an action, we usually have a target (goal) a means to achieve that (a method) and resources. Should one of the components be out of line, or not supporting the other two, the action would be a failure as harmony would be broken. So every component supports the others, every component lives for the others. When this alignment is achieved, the Archer is satisfied, releases the arrow from the bow and the target is hit. How can we live for one another and align our hearts for the benefit of all humanity?


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    Oct 4 2013: A target can easily achieved by an Archer Johnny and you know why ?

    All his components are not actually different from him (The Archer). They don't even have individual mind to think they are different (individual organs ) from the Master (mind). If you want one person to behave like an organ in a team work, how can it be !!! An individual person is not a dead thing. Everyone is a master, right johnny ?

    Ok let us assume 10 people are working together on a project to achieve a goal. One out of them is the master (Project Leader). All other 9 people are working like a robot (Like Archer's organs),,,,, is this should be called 'Humanity' between Project Leader and Project Workers ? No ! there is no humanity if no human and human attributes is there, i think Johnny.

    'Self' is the realization of individual being and it comes naturally. 'Self' is not a dead thing, it has desires, emotions, hunger... etc. Now, everyone's need is to feed this 'self' ( this too comes naturally), this is known as 'Selfishness'. It is in the root of every human being johnny, this also creates the illusion of separation !

    The only way to overcome selfishness is the way of Tao :) A deep understand is enough, m i right johnny ?

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